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Discovering the presence of toxicity in wastewater doesn’t have to be the start of a long, frustrating journey. Our scientists have the expertise and the experience to make the quest to resolve toxicity problems brief and successful. The ETT team has met the challenge time and time again – conducting numerous toxicity identification/toxicity reduction studies. ETT environmental was selected to conduct all TIEs/TREs for one of the U.S. Department of Energy’s largest nuclear production facilities.

Toxicity Identification Evaluations (TIE)

Phase I Characterization
Familiarity with established EPA protocols and creativity in developing new ways to uncover complex forms of toxicity give us the edge in defining the type of toxicants behind effluent toxicity. Our treatability laboratory is equipped for toxicity identification, and our scientists are trained and ready to accomplish the task.

Phase II and III- Identification/Confirmation
In most cases our team can identify the cause of toxicity without the need for the potentially costly and lengthy protocols for Phase II. Our experts also provide consultation in choosing the best path when complex toxicity situations arise.

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